ATUS Furniture Collection

Designed  by Bea Pernia

Blurring the boundaries between sculpture and functional design, Bea Pernia is known for her ability to push the limits of materials in unique and thought-provoking ways while developing organic forms.


Merging materials into stunning structured assemblages, she fuses natural marbles and woods that add their healing energy to any space. Her purpose is to bring nature into any space in order to transmit a harmonious and positive environment. These sharp constructions combine various types of marbles found in Portugal quarries with natural white oak, black walnut and weathered teak wood. 


ATUS line is composed by nine custom made pieces which include: a round table, a coffee table, a desk, an end table, a rectangular dining table, a bench / coffee table, a chaise lounge, a high chair and a chair with faux fur. These are all one of a kind pieces due to the uniqueness of each rock.


 They will be exhibited in Design Miami this upcoming December 2021.

Round Dining Table.JPG


Portugal's quarries and solid wood. Functionality and design, the Beloco has been created with the purpose of connecting nature's healing properties to our daily lives. The oak wood top has been embedded in the stone to preserve its natural form. 

Side Table.JPG
Side Table.JPG

High Atus Chair

High Atus chair was designed with a vision of the strength of raw marble found in a quarry in Portugal touching a solid black walnut seat. This artistic and organic chair could be a part of a dining set or stand alone. 

Chaise Lounge.JPG